The easy to use, to the point,
web-based task (and lead) management application.

Welcome to Alchemy!
Welcome to the lead and task management system called Alchemy, by Mark Bradford. This site was created to allow salespeople and their managers to manage leads in an easy to use, visual system. Alchemy also manages your tasks, in a simple way.

It just takes a few steps to get up and running and turning leads into customers:

  • Create an account for your company/manager - be up and running in just a minute!
  • Add accounts for salespeople - this just takes a few seconds, just add a name, email address and password for each salesperson. Your salesperson account will automatically be created when you create your manager account.
  • Add Tasks - You can add standard linear tasks, or if your brain works like mine, you can MultiTask!
  • Create campaigns - you may just have one, or many depending on your business. A campaign is defined as a series of steps you use to turn the lead into a customer. On hold for Beta
  • Publish your campaign so that your salespeople can see and use them. On hold for Beta
  • Add your leads - enter leads on a simple form.
  • Log in as a salesperson and put your leads through the steps. The system will track with step each lead is on.

Alchemy was not created to be an all inclusive lead and customer managepmant solution. It was created to be a simple, fast and easy to use tool to turn your leads into customers, using YOUR process. Alchemy's task management is just as simple and straightforward.
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